Best Ways to Accessorize a Bikini

Dreaming of a tropical vacay in a tropical paradise drenched in sun? you and me both. Winter is finally starting to take its icy claws off of us and the layers are slowly staring to come off. It’s a no thanks to moisturizer and a yes please to sunscreen from now on. We’ve left the earmuffs and furry hats and traded them in for sunglasses, left the leggings at home and popped into some fabulous sundresses. And we feel amazing about it!

We’ve been dreaming about going somewhere tropical for the longest time, and what goes hand in hand with a tropical vacay? Bikinis of course! But for all the head turning, body confidence building wonders of the humble two-piece bikini, the look is simply not complete without some accessorizing. Take a look at Scanlan Theodore Brisbane to keep yourself updated on the best accessories around! Now let’s take a look at the items that any self-respecting cutie (that’s right I’m talking to you 🙂 absolutely needs to have in their wardrobe.


Now what is a coverup, but a robe made for the outdoors? Light, flowy, super luxe and just refined overall, Coverups were designed for situations when you’re just not in the mood to be exposing all that skin. Another reason to get yourself a cover up is because they add a whole new dimension to your look! Coverups comes in all kinds of different colors featuring all kinds of patterns and accessories. They’ve got prints, tassels, hemlines and fabrics and add just a little something extra to your outfit.


Let’s be real here, Sunglasses are essential not just for the beach but for life. They make you look refined, can help you go incognito, or just help you look like the diva that you are (think Merryll Streep in the Devil Wears Prada) But of course hitting the beach gives you an excuse to go shopping for new sunglasses! Come on, you know that you’re getting a little tired of those plain black ones that you’re always wearing, going to the beach is the perfect reason to opt for something a little livelier, featuring some color, also make sure that they’re UV protected! You want to protect your peepers at all costs.

Jute Bags

Jute bags are absolute must haves, because let’s face it leather and humidity just don’t mix, you’d look so out of place with that really expensive LV with the embroidery and hand stitched borders you bought just a month ago. A beach calls for something casual and relaxed, and you should probably get yourself one of these if you haven’t already!

Sun Hats

They look amazing. They keep you protected from the sun. You will be comfy. Honestly all the reasons you need right there.


Sarongs are so simple, but they pack so much oomph. Sarongs are absolutely timeless and will be the cherry on top of your bikini look. Simply tie it up at the waist and enjoy.

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