Things to Consider Before Installing Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is an important area in any house. Kitchen remodels can be quite expensive but if you have recently moved into a new house and the kitchen cabinets are in disrepair, it is best to replace them with a more durable material that will add to the aesthetic appeal of the house as well.

There are so many colours, textures and styles you can explore with a kitchen pantry cabinet. There is no limit to the colours that are available to you. There are also different materials that you can consider. But you shouldn’t be making a choice on the kitchen cabinets solely on how they look. When you are preparing food on the kitchen counter, you have to think about what heights are easy for you. When doing a custom kitchen remodel, you can adjust the height so that it is easier for you to prepare food. Also, there is a toe gap at the bottom where the cabinet meets the floor. This little gap is there to help you stand close to the edge. But it can gather a lot of dust and in most kitchens, while it allows you to work better, the space there is wasted. If you are low on space, you can think about having push open drawers in this small space. You will be surprised with what you can store inside this.

You can also create a different colour for this toe gap border so that it gives a bit of interesting contrast. Also, if you have a colour that contrasts the floor for the cabinets such as dark coloured cabinets on a light coloured floor, you can have the toe gap colour match the floor. This way, the cabinets will have an almost floating appearance. You can also install lighting underneath the cabinet so that the toe gap is illuminated to heighten this floating appearance and also to help you clean. You need to be very clear about your storage requirements when you are choosing cabinetry. There are many pantry fittings and accessories that you can use to increase functionality of the cabinetry as well. For example, you can have motion sensor LED lighting inside so that you will be able to see what is inside whenever you open the cabinet. You can have storage in the narrowest places such as the small space that you have near the fridge.

You need to have task lighting for the top of your countertops. Ordinary ceiling lights will not be able to light up the countertop so that you can work on it when you have overhead cupboards. So to avoid low visibility, you can have lighting underneath the overhead cupboards so that it illuminates the area you work in. You can also extend your overhead cabinets to the top of the ceiling if you are low on space. This way you can store occasionally used items on the top shelves. However, you will need a step stool to reach this part. You also need to think about how you are opening the doors of the cabinets. There are push open mechanisms and lift systems where one touch will have the overhead cupboard doors to lift up allowing you to reach whatever is inside.

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