How Roof Repairs Can Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Your roof is one element you need to think about when it comes to making your home more energy-efficient. The condition of the roof will ensure whether you have a comfortable temperature indoors and it can also help reduce energy consumption. With time, your roof will be subjected to leaks, wear and tear and this will also contribute to higherheating and cooling costs.

If you have noticed an uptick in your utility bills

And know that your roof has not been maintained properly, you can look into professionals carrying out Sydney roof repairs. An important way of improving energy efficiency is by improving the insulation levels in your home. When the roof is well insulated the heat transferring between the inside and the outside of your house will be reduced and the need to heat and cool the house mechanically will be reduced as well. You can maintain comfortable temperatures inside the house without having to do a lot. During roof repairs, the insulation can be replaced or added so that optimal thermal performance can be ensured. Some of the insulation materials used will be cellulose, spray foam and fibreglass. This can be installed between roof rafters or in the attic so that heat loss in colder months can be minimised as well as heat gain in the warmer months.

Air leaks should be sealed

So that the energy efficiency of your home is not compromised. Some common ways that air can leak is through the gaps around vents, attics, chimneys and skylights. Conditioned air will escape through these gaps and outdoor air will come inside leading to increased energy consumption in your home. This will lead to high utility bills. You can seal all the air leaks during repairs so that the overall airtightness of your home can be improved. If you are in a hot climate, heat gain inside your home can be caused by poorly insulated roofs or damaged roofs. The contractors will replace any shingles that are damaged or missing and repair leaks so that heat absorption can be reduced. They will also apply reflective coatings. Reflective roofing materialscan reflect sunlight away from the surface so that heat build-up can be reduced.

You need to ensure the attic is ventilated properly

So that a comfortable indoor environment can bemaintained. This will prevent build-up of moisture which is an important factor leading to growth of mould and structural damage. When roof repairs are carried out, the airflow can be improved by installing ridge vents, soffit vents, or attic fans. This will also bring down humidity levels. You need to have proper attic ventilation in order to regulate temperatures and extend the life of roofing materials. When your roof is properly maintained, the workload on your HVAC system will be reduced and you will consume less energy. The operating costs of the house will go down and you will be able to create a morecomfortable indoor environment.

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