A 101 Guide on Maintaining Your Fridge

When it comes to all the appliances in your kitchen, your refrigerator is one that works day and night. It’s a hardworking appliance that was taken on by you as a long-term investment to fulfill your food storage needs such as vegetables, leftovers, dairy products and other important items that need a cool atmosphere in order to stay fresh and good.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that the money you spent on such an investment doesn’t go into a reckless waste. In order to do that you need to take up the habit of maintaining your fridge on a monthly basis. While it may seem like a lot of work, maintaining your fridge isn’t too hard. It just requires a few hours of effort and sometimes even less. Here are a few things you need to do in order to keep your fridge up and running at all times.

Always close the door

Although it’s no secret that you should always make a point to close your fridge door properly, not all understand the reason behind it. Your fridge works to provide the cool temperature within. Opening the door would mean that you fridge has to work harder in order to keep it cool as the temperature is lost towards a wider atmosphere. So never keep your fridge door open for a longer period of time.

Have yearly check-ups

Like any other appliance, your fridge requires a monthly maintenance check-up done by professionals as they know the working system of the fridge better than we do. This helps them detect any problems before it gets too big or unfixable. It allows you to avoid the possibilities of permanent damages. Seeking help from companies that provide quality refrigerator repairs every now and then is important.

Clean, scrub and organize

Just like every other part of your house, your fridge needs decluttering and cleaning too. It’s a healthy process.  It’s important that you take time at least weekly or monthly to rid any clutter, clean the fridge by scrubbing of the dirt and debris and re arrange your items in a more neat and organized manner. This keeps your fridge looking fresh inside and out. Doing this also helps you get rid of any odours that build up over time.

Check and clean the gaskets

Cleaning the gaskets of your fridge can be slightly challenging and tricky. However, it shouldn’t go undone or unnoticed. Make a habit to check your gasket for any cracks or damages every so often before it turns into a long-term damage. Clean it down using a vacuum in order get rid of any crumbs or other dirt. You can also make use of a soft brush and light solvent to clean any remaining debris. This should be done not only to the gaskets of your fridge but also your freezer.

You also need to ensure that the temperature of your fridge is always set right in order to keep up its maintenance in the long-run.

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