What is a Co-working Space?

We live in an age where people don’t need to be physically present in a certain location to contribute to a company, where most work is done over the digital net space of the internet, and where life is now more flexible than ever before. Think about it, anyone can become a digital freelancer with a laptop, a keyboard, and a desire to work. However, humans are social animals, and we all need to congregate on occasion to fuel that side of ourselves that are communal in nature.

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Ok so let’s have the basics of Co- working. What is it? It’s basically the 21st century version of the office. They often feature remarkably beautiful architecture, great amenities and some awesome perks like free food and entertainment. If you were to imagine this space, think if it as the most aesthetically pleasing office that you’ve ever been in which is part art exhibit, part playground and part networking event. Yeah, it’s a pretty good deal if you think about it. The people that frequent a co working space are all employed by completely different businesses and organizations. And they feature a variety of different rooms that can be rented as discussion and meeting rooms. These meeting rooms also sport computers and all the functionality you could ever want. Co working spaces are also full of highly driven entrepreneurs and self-employed freelancers. These people create a really bustling work environment that combines creativity and drive with the freedom of not having a manager breathing down your neck asking about reports. So why choose a Co working space and who benefits?

Co working spaces when whittled down to the barebones definition are a place where employers of different organizations share an office space. That’s it really. All the snacks, beautiful plants, and entertainment areas are just perks on top. In essence it is a shared office space. Why opt of this arrangement? Well, it is cost efficient and convenient. As said before most people can do their jobs remotely in this modern age and companies are now less strict on employees actually coming in to work at the physical location. This gives the company plenty of time and money savings. This kind of arrangement allows cost savings due to a shared infrastructure, equipment, and utilities. Really revolutionary stuff.

The co working arrangement is really ideal for freelancers, small startups, and remote workers who are looking to establish connections and a network for themselves. These people can build relationships with each other, filling in the gaps in their expertise to form a team of contacts who are ready to tackle a project of their own. All in all, Co working spaces offer a real opportunity for remote workers to meet with likeminded individuals and create work for themselves.

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