4 Ways to Make Your Travels More Enjoyable

Have your feet been killing you lately? If you’re walking or running around a lot, the biggest factor that is impacting your comfort is your choice in footwear. And if you choose poorly, you’re going to wish that you could go barefoot instead. Remember the last time you wore an ill-fitting pair of shoes? That’s right you ended up sporting a veritable art exhibition of cuts, blisters, rashes or even foot or ankle injuries. Not fun. So, I think I’ve made my point pretty clear, get yourself the right footwear. But sometimes getting the right footwear for your travels isn’t enough. And you require just a little extra effort to make those shoes 100% perfect for you.

Customize your shoes.

If you want to be comfy and I mean really comfy in your brand spanking new shoes, you’re going to need to get yourself some shoe inserts, and if you’re in the market for some, go ahead and check out shoe inserts. They’ve got some high-quality shoe inserts at very reasonable rates.

Break in new shoes before you start wearing them intensely

New shoes are often very still and if they’re a little too snug for your feet they can cause all manner of cut and rashes on your feet. This is why we recommend breaking them in a little bit first. How do you do that? simple, wear the shoes a little bit indoors, for an hour or so. You will inevitably find yourself some blind spots and then you can use a shoe stretcher or use some padding like some rolled up socks to loosen up that area. Yes, do this step and thank us later.

Pack smart

you wouldn’t show up to your son’s graduation in t shirt and sweatpants, and likewise you need to be mindful of the kind of footwear that you take along for your travels depending on the itinerary. If you’re going to walking and running a lot, you had best believe that a pair of leather oxfords just aren’t going to cut it. You will need a pair of supportive, comfy and protective shoes to help you along. Here’s a weather-related tip for you, if your shoes get completely soaked for whatever reason (maybe you get caught in the rain, or your significant other pushes you into the pool as a prank, you’re going to want to take out the insoles and let your shoes completely dry. Else, good luck putting on your portable swamps the next day.

Get yourself some footwear with laces.

Laces are the best, there is no denying this. They make sure that your shoes cling to your feet snugly, they can be adjusted based on the activity that you are undertaking, and the best part is that there is no risk of them ever flying off during a particularly heated session of anything. Yes, I said it, slip-ons tend to slip off just as easily. Not the case with lace ups. In addition, laced shoes provide an extra layer of security and injury prevention. Slip-ons and flip flops have their place, but laced shoes are always the recommended choice.

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