How Do You Stay Safe While Off-Roading? A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re a newbie off-roader, you will find everything discussed in this article useful. We’ve run through the best ways to stay safe while on the road. Some of them include doing research on trails, informing others before you leave, and not riding alone. Read ahead to find out what the rest are.

1.      Inform Others

Inform others where you will be going, and when you can expect to be back. The latter point is the most important, as your friends and family would know if anything has happened. Even if the trail you’ll be driving on isn’t the most difficult, you should always do this. Getting lost even in the most basic trails is easy, if you’re not careful.

2.      Do Your Research

Remember to do your research on the trail that you want to try. You’ll be aware of everything to expect, like if it’s too advanced for you.

Go through as many posts and reviews on the trail as you can. This will help paint the best picture.

3.      Don’t Go Alone

It’s always a good idea to not go off-roading alone. For one, going with others would be a fun-time, and if anything were to happen to you, there would be help. We recommend joining off-roading clubs. There probably are many online. Facebook and Reddit are the best places to look.

4.      Proper Suspension Kit

Install a suspension kit. It would raise your SUV off the ground, which would help you drive through any obstacles on the road.

Before taking the leap, remember to do your research and invest in high-quality options, like the Rough Country suspension kits.

While at it, make sure you find a good mechanic to get the extension installed. You wouldn’t want it to act up later.

5.      Swap Your Tires

If you’re still using your stock tired, we recommend swapping them for larger options with more traction. They will make friction less of an issue. Even for the most basic trails, stock-tires are unfortunately not very good.

6.      Bring Survival Gear

Bring survival gear in case of a disaster. Just like with the suspension kit you buy, make sure the survival gear is high-quality. Some of what you should bring should include snake-bite kits, supplies for first-aid, insect repellent, mosquito netting, water-purification canteens, and field gear.

7.      Wear a Seat-belt

Although you probably don’t need us to tell you this, but wearing a seat-belt is very important. Without seatbelts on, you and everyone riding with you will get hurt if you get in an accident.

Final Thought

What do you think about all of the things that were discussed? There are a few things to think about when off-roading, if you want to be safe. One of the best is doing research on the trail that you’re planning on driving in. Although you might not think it, it might be dangerous. Make sure that you inform others what time you will be back too.

Hopefully you found everything that was discussed useful.

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