What to Know About Australian Partner Visa

It can be hard to migrate to a new country and in this article, we are looking at how partner visa works in Australia. There are many types of partner visas and you need to make sure you have the right documentation and that you follow the right procedure when you are applying.

You need to have a clear intention to marry or live together in a de facto relationship or be married or engaged to apply. There is a partner visa 309 Australia that is called the provisional partner visa. But this is temporary. You will get this first so you can stay in the country and apply for a migrant visa. The migrant visa is permanent. Whichever relationship you have with your partner, you need to show documentation as evidence to show that you are in a committed relationship. The provisional and migrant visa can be applied when the applicant is overseas. The application can be lodged when you are in Australia as well but the subclass will be different. When you are in Australia with your partner when applying for the visa, you can use a bridging visa so that you can stay until the application is assessed. The Fiancé visas will have to be submitted when the applicant is overseas.

There are two steps when it comes to partner visas. You need to apply for a provisional visa first and the second step is the permanent visa. But to apply for a partner visa, your partner should be a permanent resident or Australian citizen. They can also be an eligible New Zealand citizen. Generally, a partner will be able to sponsor 2 applicants if the duration between the applications has exceeded 5 years. If it is within five years, you will need to have somebody else sponsor them. If you are married, this marriage should be legal under Australian law. Generally, you can be married in another country as it will be recognised in Australia as well. The couple should be living together. In the event they are not living together, it should be a temporary separation only.

There is an officer who will assess whether the couple has a genuine and committed relationship. They will also check whether the couple satisfies all criteria required for the visa. Once this is approved, the Provisional Partner Visa is granted and this will allow the partner to come to the country until the permanent visa is decided. After two years of the initial application, you can submit the documents required for the permanent visa. There are certain situations where you will be granted both provisional and permanent visas together without a period in between. This is if you have a child together or if you have been married or living as a couple for three years or more. There are circumstances where you are living overseas. So your partner should fit the criteria required for the application; they should be a permanent resident, Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand citizen. You have to show that you and your partner are planning to marry within nine months from the date that you are provided with a visa.

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