Types of Services Offered by Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Companies in High Rise Buildings

It can be a challenge to clean and maintain exhaust systems in high rise buildings and in this article we are looking at the types of services offered in this regard. You need to select a kitchen exhaust cleaning company that has the relevant experience in this so that they can ensure the safety and cleanliness of the ventilation systems along with compliance.

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Some of the high rise kitchen exhaust cleaning services when you visit and learn how you can book an appointment. One of the services you will come access is decontamination of the kitchen exhaust risers. The kitchen exhaust risers are responsible for transferring the contaminated air from kitchen to the outside. And with time, there can be a lot of grease deposited on the rises which can affect indoor air quality. This is also a fire risk. In a kitchen exhaust cleaning, there will be cleaning agents and special tools used to remove any grease in this area. In addition to kitchen exhaust risers, there are also air conditioning risers where the cooled and heated air is directed to different floors throughout the high rise building. These ducts can also collect a lot of debris, dust and other allergens over time which can affect HVAC system performance and air quality. You can check whether the kitchen exhaust cleaning company you are considering also offers a service to clean these so that clean and fresh air can be delivered throughout the building.

Fire safety is a significant concern in high rise buildings and to ensure this,

The exhaust and ventilation systems are inspected and their fire resistance is improved. One of the ways this can be done is applying fire-rated duct sealant to the risers so that spread of fire can be prevented. This is a great way of ensuring the overall fire safety of the building. However, this is one of the precautionary measures to be taken when it comes to fire safety and should be combined with other measures to ensure effectiveness of overall fire resistance.

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You may see offered by kitchen exhaust cleaning companies is decontamination of the laundry exhausts. These risers are there to remove any odours, lint or moisture coming from the laundry facilities of the building but with time, they can accumulate debris and lint. This will bring down the efficiency of the exhaust system which can lead to it being a fire hazard. There are many kitchen exhaust cleaning companies that will offer services to clean these risers so that proper airflow is maintained. Sometimes there will not be adequate existing access to the rises in a high rise building and this can seriously hamper proper maintenance and cleaning. A larger access point will be used instead to clean the risers thoroughly so that contamination is reduced. And as technicians are working at a height in these situations, the kitchen exhaust cleaning team will install anchor points in order to attach lifelines and harnesses safety. 

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