Types Of Pools That You Can Have Built in Your Resort

If you have a resort or you are planning to establish your resort business then this article is for you! All resorts have all these basic amenities that they offer and provide for their clients, and one of the most common would be the pool.

It might come as a surprise but most resorts which has various types and number of pools installed are one of the most successful resorts there is. If you want to imitate this method, then here are the types of pools you can have built in your resort to drive clients to your place.

Concrete In-Ground Pool

If you have a family resort, then it is highly recommended to install a concrete in ground pool. For starters it is one of the cheapest types of pool there is and everyone can have it as long as they have the right water source and the right drainage for the excess and used water from the pool.

Not everyone has to have a spring or river as a water source but it could be done as long as you have an ample amount of water to supply the size of the pool that you have. One thing that you can do is to plan in advance the people who will utilize the pool and build it according to that demographic.


A Jacuzzi is one way to jump start the marketing of the place to your clients. The idea is Jacuzzi is not just a normal pool or amenity, it is actually one of those amenities that has with it the status that it is only being used by rich people.

You might be interested in adding a Jacuzzi, but then again you have to consider the cost, so what other resorts does is to make a VIP room where the Jacuzzi will be installed and start from there. Though it is a bit luxurious, it is one way to start leveling up in terms of what you can offer to the clients.

Above Ground Pool

For a more exciting and grand approach into having pools, you can try an above ground pool to be built strategically in places where it can mix with the whole element of scenery and aesthetics, or you can have an above the ground pool using fiberglass on balconies. In terms of what it can offer fiberglass pools benefits are both on the luxury aspect of the amenity and also on the level of uniqueness and variety in terms of what the resort or the place can offer to its clients.

One thing that makes a hotel or resort great is not only the amenities but the whole atmosphere of the place. People must be able to completely relax and at the same time enjoy while staying at such place. The good thing is that with more amenities the more chances would be that the people would really enjoy their stay along with the overall quality of experience they have with the place.

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