Tips In Taking Care of Your Pet Dogs So They Live a Long Happy Life

Here are some tips in taking care of your pet canine so that they can live a healthy and happy life with us. Pet ownership are often treated as a mundane activity, in which it is not, since animals are not able to talk and are brought to our care, we are responsible for their lives and that we should be the ones who should take a detailed care on their health and life because they have no one else to do it for them.

Protein Diet

As dogs are pretty much carnivorous animals, not to mention that they are hunting animals which goes without saying that they are keen predators, it seems logical to conclude that they need a high protein diet in their system in order to be healthy and have long lives that is free from diseases.

In terms of diet many vets have been asked by many dog owners the question “can you give a cooked lamb bone to a dog?” and the answer is obviously yes. Dogs needed that extra source of protein and other essential mineral that they need in their body and one of the best ways to get it is through eating bone and bone marrow.

Dental Health

One of the most expensive yet very important part of responsible dog ownership is the dental health of dogs. You see unlike humans’ dogs cannot say when they have a rotten tooth, and so if they can’t express it what usually happens is that it cannot be addressed and it will eventually affect their lifestyles, especially their eating habits.

So, it is very important to have your dog’s dental check-up regularly so that the vet can address any issues because it is still manageable and your dogs won’t have to be moody because they have lesser issues with their mouths.


Dogs needed that certain amount of exercise to be healthy, if not then many of them actually develop heart disorders because of lack of exercise. So, the thing with dog owners is that when they have these dogs as pets, they usually just tie them and oftentimes they forget to give them walks which makes the dogs very lethargic and develops a lazy lifestyle.

Dogs need exercise not just to keep their bodies healthy but they also need it to keep their energy in check because when they have a lot of pent-up energy that when they usually act nasty and unruly to other.

In short and simple language what we have to do as pet owners is to pay an extra close attention to our fur babies so that they won’t get sick. As these animals cannot do anything for themselves so they are heavily dependent on us to act for them in taking care for them and keeping them well and healthy. Yes, they are just animals, but they are not just any animal, they are our pet and they deserve to be treated with an extra layer of love and care just because.

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