Tips for Creating the Perfect Picket Fence for Your Home

A picket fence can improve your home’s curb appeal but it all depends on how you choose the design. This is a fencing style that has been around for a very long time and it has a certain charm and cosiness that will create an inviting entrance to your home.

The first thing you need to do is select the right material for the picket fence.

While wooden picket fences are the most commonly known, you can also have metal and vinyl fences. Think about the pros and cons of the materials and what is best suited for your home. Wood is the traditional choice and it will give a classic appearance to your home. If this is your preferred option, you can look into pressure treated pine or cedar for the materials. These options will last for a long time without succumbing to insects and rot. However, there is more maintenance to be done when it comes to a wooden fence. If you are looking for minimal maintenance, vinyl is a good option and they are resistant to pests, rot and weather. You can find vinyl fencing in so many different styles and colours.

Another durable option for picket fencing is metal.

You can choose wrought iron or aluminium picket fences for a secure boundary that is also stylish. These tend to be more expensive but because you can create thinner and more decorative fence styles, there is a certain elegance to this. Consider the height of the picket fence. A lower fence can be used for a front yard to create a welcoming appearance. This is more for a decorative purpose than security. You can still maintain the boundary with a 3 foot fence but it is generally a scalable height. You can go for a taller picket fence about 4.5 feet in height for more security and privacy. This is a good option for a backyard. There are also different styles of picket fences and you can see some of the examples by checking the premier picket fencing website. The classic picket fence style has round top or pointed pickets. If you have a contemporary or colonial home, this will be a great option.

A clipped top corner is seen in dog ear picket which is quite a simple style.

The pointed arch at the top is seen in gothic style while the more elaborate designs such as having two pointed arches is seen in French gothic. You should also think about the spacing between the pickets. Close spacing is recommended for a more secure fence with more privacy. So if your home is located in a highly urban area, close spacing may be a good option for you. With wider spacing you will be able to enjoy more airflow and visibility. The finish of the fence is another consideration. You can paint in different colours or stain the wooden picket fence to keep the natural colour of the wood for a more rustic appearance.

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