Solar Panels: Everything You Need to Know About Them

The use of renewable sources of energy is increasing over time as people choose to switch towards more environmentally friendly options that are also infinite and reliable compared to on grid electricity that provide very less security. One of such commonly used renewable sources of energy is the solar power. Many cities and homes opt towards installing solar panels in order to use turn the sun rays into electricity, giving them constant means of electricity even through the possibilities of blackouts.

Investing in a solar power system is known to be a worthy move especially in the long run. While also increasing the value of your property, it led to decreased utility bills and money saving opportunities. However, before you choose to invest in solar panels, there is a lot you need to know about them in order to have a better knowledge and idea about it.

What is the history of solar power?

Like with anything, there is a history behind solar power too. Predicted initially by Leonardo De Vinci in France during the 15th century, it was only fully invented four decades later. However, the efficiency of the solar panels during that period was only known to be 1%. Later down the line the photoelectric effect was invented and the solar power industry has gone to grow and develop for the better.

How do solar panels generate electricity?

Looking into a solar panel you’ll find it made of several small squares that are called solar cells. These cells is known to produce solar power energy through the help of the photovoltaic effect. This helps in converting the sunlight into electricity. As the sun rays falls across these cells, the electrons get separated from the atoms and flow through the solar cells, thus resulting in the production of electricity.

What are the different types of solar panels?

There are two main panels that help turn solar energy into electricity. These two panels are known as the photovoltaic panels and the solar thermal panels. While the most commonly used one as we discussed above is the photovoltaic panels, the solar thermal panels are also an effective option. Solar thermal panels are known to heat water with the help of the sun’s heat. This can keep your house warm, especially during the cold season. There are several solar companies in Canberra that can help you install your choice of solar panels for you homes.

How to maintain solar panels?

Maintaining your solar panels is extremely important in order to use the maximum amount of energy received from the sun. This does not involve any large or costly process as you may think. Maintaining solar panels only requires you to keep it clean and free from dirt and debris collecting over time as it can result in absorbing lesser solar power compared to a cleaner power system.

Your solar panels don’t always need direct sunlight to work as they often store energy that can be used up during cloudy or cold days.

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