Simple Benefits of Educational Toys      

Do you sometimes face criticism about offering your child toys and letting her ‘play’ with them? In case you didn’t know, handing your child some really good educational toys can benefit them hugely and have great impacts on various aspects of growth and development in amazing ways. 

Sensory Development

Even though you may have not noticed, every educational toy is designed to stimulate one or more of the human senses to encourage development. Toys that include Sounds, lights, and different types of surfaces do wonders in terms of your baby’s development in ways you might not even imagine. 

Problem Solving

Some Educational toys for infants and toddlers are designed more specifically to encourage their ability to solve a problem. Puzzles and mazes are great examples of such toys. However, stacking toys or a simple push car can also encourage children to solve a problem in certain circumstances.

A tower that does not stay still or a wheel that does not spin are simple things that can cause a child to become inquisitive and start thinking about how to make things work.Little girls who play with dolls learn to solve problems too.

For instance, when the doll’s hair does not get brushed smoothly the way it normally used to, they learn that tangles and knots in the hair are the ‘problem’ and try to figure a way to solve the issue, perhaps by taking out knots using their little fingers, or by cutting off tough knots with a scissor – you never know how their minds work!

Motor Skills

When you think about toys that are great for motor skills, one that comes to mind straight away are Grimms rainbow toys! While these lovely, wooden toys are an absolute favourite of toddlers, not just because they are colourful, but because of all the fun things they learn to do with them (physically), they become the type of toys that encourage kids to grow in more than just one or two ways!


Creativity is one of the key things that little babies and children start developing really early. The more chances they are offered or the more exposure they have, the more creative they become. As parents and educators, it becomes a responsibility to offer children chances to become creative, meaning you’d need to make some effort. Toys and play items used for role play, such as finger puppets, dolls, plush toys, play houses as well as sand/water play activities are a handful of a myriad options you can explore. 


Getting kids actively engaged in a certain activity is usually the most challenging part when it comes to learning. Educational toys are designed based on key learning principles, objectives, and requirements and so they keep children fully engaged. Colours, sounds, and designs are carefully chosen so they make learning fun, effective and successful. 

Improved IQ

Looking at the above explanations, you begin to understand that the appropriate use of educational toys can contribute towards an improved IQ in children. Along With the development of various skills, children may tend to develop certain types and levels of intelligence. The whole learning process that takes place involving useful toys may greatly contribute to a child’s intelligence in the most discrete ways!

the authorLaniePekar