Saving the nature is our responsibility

Nature is a very important component in our world. We can never survive without nature. With all the new technological advancements we may feel that we can survive without nature. This thought is completely false, everything in world is connected to one another. The nature is what connects every organisms in the world together. It’s all an interconnected chain, so many disadvantages can occur when this chain is disrupted. It’s always better to understand the importance of nature and do everything we could to protect the environment.

Let us first see what nature is and what the word nature means. Nature is what we see and feel around us. Nature is also referred to as mother. Mother nature is just like our mother, she nourishes us and doesn’t expect anything in return. Nature is all the people, animals, trees and other living organisms in the environment. All the life and living beings in the earth are considered as nature. Nature provides us the air to breath. We all know that we can’t survive without oxygen. Oxygen is an important component in our lives and it’s needed to perform all the activities in our body.

Metabolism is the process in which energy is produced to our cells. Metabolism consist of two reactions. Catabolism and anabolism. Catabolism is when energy is used and a certain component which is needed for the body is produced. Anabolism is when energy is produced after breaking down of a certain product. So the balance between both of these processes should be maintained for the body to perform it’s functions normally. When these doesn’t occur as usual there can be metabolic syndromes in people.

Just like nature gives us everything we need we have to make sure we protect the nature. There can be so many ways in which we pollute the environment. The most pollution occurs due to factories. It’s essential to have factories to get all the products we need, but it’s important that we don’t harm the environment this way. The swage of factories may contain chemicals and when these chemicals are directly dumped into the natural water bodies. It can contaminate the water bodies. It’s important to filter the water before it enters the nature for this purpose we can use filtration service Queensland if the factory is located in this region. In this way the water is eligible to enter the water bodies.

Pollution can be of different types. The main type of pollution is air pollution, water pollution and land pollution. Air pollution and water pollution can directly be harmful for the people. By consuming polluted air, people can get respiratory problems. Burning of fossil fuels can be the main reason for air pollution these days. Air can be polluted due to different types of pollutants released from factories as well. It’s important that we try to minimize the pollution.

There can also be different ways in which we can minimize the pollution. This cannot be done by a single person but the change has to come from everyone.

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