Qualities of a Good Freight Forwarder

To have a successful supply chain, you need to have the right components together. And a critical aspect of this is having a good freight forwarder to make sure that your supply chain runs smoothly and efficiently. When you are looking for a freight forwarder, there are certain qualities that should be given more priority so that you can easily pick out the right company from a list.

Check the expertise level of the freight companies Tullamarine as this will ensure they are able to handle all requirements of your shipment. It is important to speak to the shortlisted freight forwarders so that you have a better idea of if you can have a working relationship with them. You and the freight forwarder should be able to work together to achieve business goals that you have set for your company. Having a team with the right qualifications handling your shipping concerns can be a huge peace of mind as they will know the best way to tackle a problem. And they can also give their expertise on how you can ship special categories of cargo whether it is medical equipment that has to be shipped carefully, dangerous items that should be kept safe during transport or pharmaceuticals that needs to be kept in carefully controlled environments.

A good freight forwarder

Should be able to respond very quickly for any queries you have. Whether you are shipping in large or small scale, there is a big stake in this for you. Therefore, responsive communication is very important. You need to be updated on the state of your shipment at all times and if there is an issue, you should be informed immediately. Ask whether there is a CRM system in place that allows the company to interact with you easily along with sending or receiving updates, queries etc. quickly. Timely communication such as this can greatly increase visibility and transparency of the supply chain. You can also share tracking information provided by the freight forwarder with your customers so that they are in the know about the state of the products they have ordered.

Today, the internet has taken over the world

And you need to select a company that has stepped fully into the present-day technology. They should have a corporate website along with a social media presence that allows for communication. This will also give you an idea of the experience of other customers and updates to their services.  They should also have industry credentials where they carry membership to international or national associations. This means that they are compliant with the regulations that these associations follow which will assure you of their reliability and reputation. There should also be a quality management system in place that is set according to certain standards. And understanding what these standards are will give you an idea of the level of service you will receive from the forwarder. And any good freight forwarder should have a global strategic network that allows them to handle problems quickly no matter where they are shipping to.

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