How to Prepare When You Book a Male Stripper for an Event

If you don’t have prior experience, it can be hard to understand what you need to do when booking a stripper for your event. You will be able to book a stripper for a hens night, birthday party, private dinner party etc. just to add some excitement for the event.

Once you have booked a stripper online or by contacting a strip club, your information will be provided to them and they will contact you in advance to get an idea about the event and what their role in it is going to be. If you have been to a  male revue show Adelaide , you will have some idea of what the stripper will be able to do and how to accommodate their performance. If you have time, a great way of booking a stripper is to go to the strip club and enjoy the show. Once you have the details of the stripper, you will be able to contact them to brief them on the purpose of the event and what you expect them to do. They will in turn let you know of what preparations are to be made and certain rules to abide by so that none of the guests goes beyond what is permitted.

Music is a big part of the stripper’s performance so you need to make sure whether they bring their own music. This is usually the case as they will have some pre-made music that they are familiar with. But you can ask whether you can make any requests or whether they are open to taking requests from the guests during the event. The stripper will generally bring his portable speaker. But ask whether they require a sound system at site and what their general specifications are. You need to know what you have to make ready before the show and this can be clarified with the stripper. Some of the basic items that you will need to prepare are a chair without arms if a lap dance is being given to a special guest like a bride to be or a birthday girl and seats for the guests. There should also be an open space where the stripper can perform.

Ask whether you can request different costumes. Most strippers will have several costumes and routines that they are used to playing. This is something you can check on the booking site as well because it will list the specialities of each stripper and what they can bring to the party. If the costume is something out of the ordinary such as something out of a TV series or movie that the special guest likes, you can ask whether they can accommodate for this. But you need to confirm this before you book the stripper. You also need to address concerns regarding how much nudity will be on the show. There are partial and full nude strip shows and this will depend on the preferences of the guests as well. But this needs to be clarified before the show with the stripper.

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