How to Care for Your Outboard

You can make your outboard engine last for many years in good running condition by sticking to a regular maintenance routine. Every boat owner knows that regular maintenance extends the service life of the boat engine.

The products you use for maintenance can vary depending on whether you use your boat in freshwater or seawater. You can find all the accessories and tools that you need online at boat spare parts Australia to maintain your boat engine in mint condition.

The key to outboard engine maintenance is frequent cleaning to keep it functioning at its optimum. If left unwashed each time you take the boat out in the water, you run the risk of dirt and debris collecting and clogging up the motor. In addition, you should wash out the cooling system of any dirt and debris as well as chemicals and salt water. You can use a simple flusher which is no more than a garden hose connected to a water supply to clean the cooling system while the engine is out of the water. You should flush your boat motor if it has been out of the water for a considerable period. Flushing should be done for both seawater and freshwater motors as the amount of debris the boat can collect in either water are similar. Dirt getting collected in the drainpipe can lead to the indicator jet being weak. If so, you should knock off the engine quickly to prevent overheating. Try to clean it by using a wire in the pipe and if you are unable to get the indicator water flow to be strong it may be time to replace the water pump.

A thorough and regular check of the outboard can prevent a small problem from becoming a big problem requiring a repair or replacement of a boat part. Not caring and checking on your outboard regularly can also put your life in danger when deep in the ocean. If you shop online for boat parts and accessories, you can also go through what is on offer for cleaning and maintenance across various sites before deciding on a maintenance kit. 

When inspecting your outboard for assessing your engine’s health go through each part to ensure everything is in working order from the fuel line for cracks to corrosion of the outboard engine, changing the oil filter periodically and changing the oil. It is important to make use of your warranty by going to an authorised dealer for your motor servicing. This is important because if you are to make a claim, then the regular service intervals should have been followed during the warranty period for it to be a valid claim. After the expiry of the warranty, you can choose to go to a non-authorised dealer for the motor servicing or opt to do it yourself. Either way, you should keep a record of your servicing details and follow the service schedule that is given with the product

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