How to be Eco-friendly When Painting a Commercial Building

Sustainability is a concept that is very popular in the current climate because of the many environmental issues that we face. And when big companies make decisions on the side of sustainability, it can make a large impact. And sustainability can be applied to any part of the building operations as well as its structure and design. In this article, we are looking at how sustainability and eco-friendly practices can be used for painting a commercial building.

First of all, you need to select commercial painters Gold Coast that have eco-friendly painting methods and use such equipment and material in their work. This is something that you can find with a quick Google search and you will need to carry out some research into the companies you find so that you ensure high quality hand in hand with eco-friendly practices. Paint is a mixture that is made of hazardous chemicals and both the manufacturing and the application of paint can affect the environment in many ways. Some of the chemicals in the paint or pigments can be quite harmful to your health as well. Some paint cans will carry a warning in their labels that specify it to be used in well ventilated areas. This is because there are volatile organic compounds that are released into the air you breathe and in a confined space, you will not be getting enough fresh air.

But these harmful compounds can stay in your walls for a long time as well and this is not just harmful at the time of applying the paint. The effects can last for years and since you are repainting after several years, you will be living with these harmful effects for a very long time. You need to make sure that your employees and customers are provided with a safe workplace. But this will require you to delve more in-depth into the field of commercial painting. You need to understand the types of paints that are available in the market and what makes them harmful to your health.

You will be able to find many green painting companies that use natural materials in their products. Some of the natural products are milk, citrus, clay, proteins etc. Because most of these paint products don’t have petroleum in their makeup, it makes it a healthier option for the employees that are using the office space as well as the environment. These products can reduce allergies and asthma as well. Because of the sustainability movement, you will be able to find many eco-friendly products on the market that is affordable and in your price range. You need to look for certified organic labels on the paint canisters and check whether it specified there are no or a low amount of VOC in the product. The concentration of VOC should be provided on the label. If the components of the paint include petroleum, heavy metals pigments etc. it is best to avoid these products. Look for water based paints instead of oil based products.

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