Easy Ways to Create a Vintage Outfit

Vintage is a commonly used term to describe something that is old but still useful and expensive. However, the term vintage classifies as things from at least 10 to 20 years ago. With the rate that fashion keeps evolving many trends and styles get outdates fast. Just like how the bootleg jeans were common in the late 90s it is almost very rare to find someone sporting the look now.

However, that being said there are many vintage styles that still look very in. The trend keeps coming back and most often or not all it takes is a well-known celebrity or fashion icon to be photographed wearing a throwback trend for it to be come back in style. So, if you are looking for some inspiration on easy and fool proof ways to throw back your outfit a couple of years here is how you can do so.

Patterned pants and skirts

High waist bikinis, pants and even skirts are all vintage styles that are still commonly found in today’s trends. However, it is more the pattern that speaks the time frame. Checks are a significant pattern that fit in with the vintage theme.

If you prefer creating your own clothes you can shop skirt patterns from online fabric stores. You will find chic and sophisticated cuts and patterns. Dress it up with crop tops or a blouse and heels for a chic yet old school polished look. The key is to let one piece of your outfit speak for itself.

Feminine lace and light colour combos

Lace was and is still very in but while we prefer sheer or dark coloured lace as a way to add flair and chic to our outfits, vintage lace patterns were made to look very light and feminine. Take a look at olden day movies you will notice how all ladies’ outfits consisted of lace tops and pastel skirts.

The light colours are key to making an outfit look timeless. Although a dark edgy pattern can be used to really set off an outfit. Strike a balance between the two eras. Lace crop tops and miniskirts make cute, stylish and vintage outfits.


If you happen to watch Mamma Mia 2 then there is a good chance you would have fallen in love with the movie wardrobe. The tasteful selection was a key to making the movie so iconic. In this the main character spirts overalls quite a lot and we are here for it.

Combine overalls and sneakers. Many sports for a sporty, comfortable and trendy look. Denim overalls are so easy to find and can be worn over any t-shirt or top. Overalls combined with the round frame shades are an extremely vintage look that can be worn anywhere.

Round framed shades

A classic vintage look is perfect for any summer outfit. Dress up the shades with pastel bandanas and a bold lip for a typical vintage day in the sun. Round framed glasses are still in style, they give off a sassy nerd vibe which many girls can really sport.

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