Connecting the saddle rights improves the connection between the horse and the rider

Horse riding has a lot of mental and physical benefits for the riders. Riders should make sure the horses are safe and comfortable, too. Riders will not realize if something goes wrong with the horse unless it turns out to be a greater complication.

One of the most important things before a horse ride is to see if the saddle placed and fixed properly. The next most essential thing is to see if there is any space between the saddle and the skin of the horse. To fix the saddle properly, a rider will need a saddle pad. These pads help a lot to make the ride comfortable for the horse. It should help the horse position the saddle correctly. It prevents the frictional rub caused by the saddle against the horse’s back. Furthermore, it also absorbs sweat from the horse’s skin and prevents slipping of the saddle. Likewise, it helps to equalize the pressure of the saddle on the horse’s back.

Choosing the best saddle pads for horses is essential. Spending on a saddle pad will not be in vain. It is good for the horse to prevent sore backs after a rough ride. Will make the horse feel comfortable throughout the ride. A few things to consider before selecting a saddle pad.

Suitable for the horse

A saddle pad which will match the horse’s back and underside of the saddle is significant. It’s essential to have a saddle pad which will not exert pressure on the spine of the horse. Select the saddle which fits your horse is necessary, low withered or high withered.

Correct style

There are different styles of pads with different colors. It is influential to select a pad which matches the color and style of the saddle. There are shaped, square and half pads. Can be selected according to the requirements of the rider.

Correct size

Always the saddle should be considered. The pad should be slightly bigger than the saddle but not massive. Size also depends on the horse and the saddle. Size should be selected according to particular saddles and horses.

Correct material

Comes in different materials, but most common is fleece and cotton. Fleece made of wool or sheepskin. There are also pads made of felt. Wool pads are really an excellent choice, they can absorb water up to three times its weight. Cotton can only absorb the amount of its weight. It is best to use wool pads as it is capable of absorbing higher amount of sweat and make the saddle non-slip able. Navajo saddle pads used for styling and comfort of wooden or leather saddles.

 After selecting the best pad for the horse. Taking good care of the saddle pad is important too. It is essential to clean the pad, remove the accumulated horse hair from the pad. Wash it and dry it properly, as it absorbs a lot of sweat.

Other than the above-mentioned uses, saddle pads used for decorative purposes too. Thin pads used for this.

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