Benefits of Using Drones for Building Inspections

Drones are being increasingly used by building professionals to inspect structures. There are also other professionals such as real estate agents, insurance companies and surveyors etc. who use drone technology to help them in their work.

Drone inspection services can be used to search the exteriors and interiors of buildings. They can find out if there are defects in the building, the condition of the building and whether there are issues such as leaks. Drones allow building managers to get an idea of the condition of their buildings easily. This way, minor and major issues can be identified and rectified. Drones also provide aerial imagery that can be used by real estate agents to better market their properties. It gives prospective buyers more information about the property. There are many drawbacks when it comes to traditional inspections. There is a higher cost when accessing areas that are difficult to access such as roofs, walls, plumbing and electrical systems etc. When the height of the area to be accessed increases, the cost for the inspection increases as well because you need to provide scaffolding, aerial lifts and other equipment to make it possible.

There is also a high risk involved in using traditional inspection methods. When workers are inspecting areas at a height, there is always a risk of falls, electrocution etc. Sometimes the condition of the roof can be poor which will cause it to weaken at certain points. This may cause a collapse or an injury to a worker. You are dealing with a higher rate of insurance for this type of inspection. It can take a long time to plan the inspection as all factors regarding the height, design and location of the area have to be taken into account. The workers need to set up climbing gear as well. All of these delays can further delay the time taken to actually attend to the issue. You can eliminate all of these problems by using drone technology.

There is not much preparation when it comes to a drone inspection and they will also carry out the job quickly. There are fewer people involved in the job which can bring down costs as well. There is no manual lifting or heavy work that is required. You don’t need to hire expensive equipment to climb the building either. Drones come with advanced technology to provide you with better images giving you an accurate idea of the building. They are great at tracking the progress of a construction project as well. They are quicker and cheaper than the traditional methods. The risk factor is low as there are no people sent for inspection. Drones are able to manoeuvre in tight spaces and access hard to reach areas so they can provide better images at the right angles. They can also provide wider coverage in the photos and videos they take adding to the information provided by them. Drones can also take thermal images and measurements. Because a drone is able to repeat taking an image from one angle, you can use it to show the progress of maintenance work.

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