The topic is Girls (no, not the TV show, though it might crop up) and I’ve assembled a kick-arse panel to talk us through some of the big issues swirling around being a girl, raising girl feminists, how we view girlhood, girls and pop culture, and how girls all over the world are at the centre of solutions to the biggest problems of our time. Whew! That’s a lot to cover but we’ll be guided by these incredible feminist thinkers:

Jenna Price: journalist, academic, parent, activist, feminist

Marian Rakosi: unionist, child care professional, advocate, agitator, feminist

Rebecca Sheehan: lecturer, gender & sexuality expert, pop culture commentator, feminist

You can buy tickets here.

I am totally thrilled with this lineup and cannot wait to crack open some of these big ideas around one of my favourite topics, Feminism and Girls. And afterwards you can see the absolutely incredible Girlhood, directed by Céline Sciamma, one of the most evocative and provocative depictions of adolescence ever committed to screen. Tickets to Girlhood need to be purchased separately to the CLF event.