12011351_944670155575029_21338625326292938_nThe public conversation around violence against women is more candid than ever before and appears to have a real momentum. Of course, feminist activists have spent years forcing this issue into the mainstream media and asking the hard questions about toxic masculinity and the resulting harm experienced by women (and children).

We know that social movements, like feminism, are the most effective agents in bringing about lasting and broad-based changes toward a more progressive society. No community should accept the reality that women are statistically more likely to experience violence in their lives, at the hands of a partner or in their home, and that sexual violence is a matter of when not if for many of us. 60 women have been murdered in Australia this year alone, and many more have experienced violence, overwhelmingly at the hands of men. We know this but we don’t always know what to do with that knowledge.

Cherchez la Femme will continue in a long tradition of asking feminists for their ideas on how to keep focus on this issue, discussing what tangible steps can be taken to reduce it and how we might meaningfully contribute to a genuine cultural shift on male violence against women. We are incredibly honoured to welcome these guests next month:

Celeste Liddle: commentator, unionist, Indigenous activist, feminist

Grace Lee: President of Transgender Victoria, advocate, advisor, feminist

Nabila Farhat: formerly of Shakti Women’s Refuge, public speaker, feminist

Jax Jacki Brown: disability and sexuality activist, writer, feminist

Tickets are available through TryBooking

Please join us from 6pm for a 6.30pm start. We’d like to extend a warning that the conversation could be confronting or even triggering for some, and we will have helpers and space on the night to assist. All suggestions welcome.

Karen x

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