It’s responsible for delivering some of the most powerful shared experiences in our culture, and some of us were partly raised by it, but it still has a lot to answer for in terms of normalising gender roles and other hegemonic discourses – that’s right, it’s television, baby, and it’s the next topic of discussion at Cherchez la Femme.

Do you have favourite feminist shows? Are there ‘great’ shows you can’t bear because they reek of sexism? How about when a show kicks some feminist goals but fails on race, sexuality, or disability? It’s also tricky to navigate the public conversations around television without feeling slightly despondent that we’re still critiquing the same old problems: lack of diversity, no representation and women as objects. That said, there are some TV shows that absolutely made me the feminist I am today.

Join Karen as she talks to an incredible panel about all this and more!

Celeste Liddle: columnist, unionist, activist, feminist

Joel Turner: podcaster, blogger, reviewer, feminist

Rebecca Shaw (aka Brocklesnitch): tweeter, writer, comic, feminist

We’ll be in our new home and even if the weather outside is frightful, inside you can be guaranteed a warm welcome, hot food, cold drinks and a cosy atmos.