11026251_841892519186127_2716574483639603127_nAND WE ARE BACK FOR 2015!

Pop is the simplest and the most difficult music to define – not strictly a genre and yet thoroughly recognisable when you hear it, pop cuts through country, hip hop, rock ‘n’ roll, classical, folk and more, to make its presence felt. In the form we know it now, it’s not even a century old and yet it influences the way we dress, love, live and yes, think.

The rich history of pop is full of women who hit out, struck back and told their own stories, sometimes to other women, sometimes to men who’d wronged them, but always insisting that they had something to say. There are explicitly feminist (and misogynist) moments in pop, as well as sexism to spare, but it can also be a space where gender roles are questioned, disrupted and powerfully rejected. And yes, also reinforced. Let’s talk about this amazing archive of social history from a feminist perspective, over a few drinks with some excellent babes!

Danielle Rizk “DJ MzRizk” – DJ, broadcaster, feminist

Ginger Van Handley – producer, record label owner, feminist

Clem Bastow – music critic, comedian, feminist

Incredible lineup already, and psssst, c’mere, maybe more to be announced! You’ll hear these cool women wax lyrical on all things pop music and feminism at our first Melbourne show of the year.

We’ve got a new venue with incredible food and cocktails, plenty more amazing topics to view through a feminist lens, and more touring shows planned this year as CLF hits the road, taking in regional Victoria, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, and beginning regular shows in Sydney!

But first:

Tuesday 3 March 7pm
Belleville, Globe Alley, Chinatown
$15 prebooked online $20 on the door (if not sold out)
Kitchen open all night
Babies welcome

Tickets are now on sale so tell your friends, share this event and see you there on 3/3, lovers!

Karen x

Wheelchair access is currently by arrangement with the venue, who are keen to hear from you on 9663 4041. This issue is being worked on by the crew at Belleville, and is a high priority, as we’re in agreement that all punters should be able to come and go autonomously. The brand new disabled/enabled toilets are a great sign of good faith.