10568796_740885329286847_6778454879565335693_nWhen she talks, I hear the revolution
In her hips, there’s revolutions
When she walks, the revolution’s coming
In her kiss, I taste the revolution!

That’s right, next month we’re talking Feminism and Rebels with the kind of lineup that could take you anywhere and lead you seriously astray.

We still don’t have gender equality and until we do we’ll always need rebels. The feminist struggle relies on people of all talents and skills, and we can’t all be on the barricades, but the mavericks that push those gates open are essential. The history of feminism is filled with rebels – the women and girls of the revolution, and the men in positions of considerable power who sometimes lent a hand in the fight for women’s rights. So we’ll talk about the role of rebels in the feminist movement, how we can value them, whether there is such a thing as too far, and why women rebelling is so much more terrifying to the status quo than the often celebrated rebel dudes of our collective imaginary.

We’ll welcome some truly impressive women to the CLF stage and share our love of rebel girls the world over:

Clare Wright – Stella Prize winning author of The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka, historian, activist, rebel, feminist

Celeste Liddle – commentator, union organiser, Arrernte woman, rebel, feminist

Van Badham – Guardian columnist, playwright, provocateur, rebel, feminist

Can you believe it? I am pinching myself! I can’t wait to crack open the history of rebels and look at their cultural meaning to feminism, fangirl oyer our faves, and work on how we can encourage further feminist rebellion!

7-9pm (please arrive earlier to be seated)
$15 prebooked online, $20 on the door, if not sold out
The Duke of Wellington
Level One, Upstairs
Corner Flinders and Russell Streets, Melbourne
Kitchen open all night
Parking across at Federation Square
5 minutes from Flinders Street Station

The venue is fully wheelchair accessible.