Cherchez la Femme has never shied away from the more sensitive topics involving gender, power and society and so it’s with great pride and excitement that we announce next month’s topic: Feminism and Faith.

clfsept-10Religious observance is obviously a matter of huge importance to women the world over, and for feminists the struggle to reconcile their gender politics with their spiritual beliefs is part of a daily discipline.

I can’t be more clear that this evening will not be in any way anti-religious or disrespectful of any faith, and that the women of faith who have agreed to be guests are doing so in a spirit of generosity and openness we should all be really grateful for.

Neither will this show be an attempt to convert any of our audience to particular faiths, simply a chance for feminists to come together, teach, learn and listen as we look at some of the difficult questions that arise at the intersection of religion and gender. I think it’s going to be a fantastic discussion and I cannot wait to introduce these panelists to the CLF stage:

Tasneem Chopra – curator, activist, Muslim feminist

Amanpreet S.K Sahota – writer, thinker, Sikh feminist

Jordy Silverstein – academic, historian, Jewish feminist

Avril Hannah-Jones – minister, geek, Christian feminist

I can’t believe what a brilliant lineup this is, and I’m completely humbled by the trust placed in our show in agreeing to come on and talk about something so personal and powerful. I’ve wanted to have this discussion on CLF for so long and it will be just incredible learning from these amazing feminist women of faith.

Karen x