casey woolHow do you “do” your feminism? Chances are it’ll be different from the way everyone else practices theirs. So instead of the endless rounds of judgment and attacks on other feminists for getting it “wrong” we’ll use the characteristic generosity and openness of the Cherchez la Femme space to talk about how we might learn from other women, and find new and satisfying ways of putting our feminist beliefs into practice.

How do we leverage our own experience while also being aware that it’s unique and everyone has their own? How do we translate theory into action? Where do we go from the consciousness-raising phase into a daily discipline of living our commitment to gender politics?

Featuring some amazing women to share their ideas on the relationship between feminism and practice:

Namila Benson – beloved ABC TV presenter, Radio Australia & RRR broadcaster, Pasifika mama, feminist

Casey Jenkins – world-famous craftivist, performance artist, inveterate prankster, feminist

Maude Davey – burlesque legend, actor & theatremaker, disability advocate, feminist

What a spectacular lineup! Of course, the extra voices on the night will be yours, as the audience Q&A is absolutely vital to the energy and value of every CLF. Can’t wait to see you all next month for some warm love, good times and feminist babes!

Tuesday 1 April 7-9pm (usual time)
Duke of Wellington Level One Upstairs
Corner Russell & Flinders Sts, Melbourne
$20 on the door / $15 pre-booked online
Kitchen open all night

Karen x