1911748_10151873701781816_540918696_nHere it is, the one you’ve all been waiting for! As we kick off a new season of AFL, Cherchez la Femme will delve into the game from a feminist perspective in a pub with an impeccable sporting pedigree. Our new home upstairs at the Duke Level One is a beautiful space and we’re so excited to share it with you.

Feminism and footy are two of my favourite things to talk about so we’ll be looking at the women’s game, how to get more girls and women involved as players, and how footy is changing to involve more women at every level. We also won’t shy away from the massive problems with the culture of the men’s game and how a small number of players bring the whole code down with their actions and attitudes. There are many feminists who hate football for that reason – that young women keep getting hurt because of entitled men getting away with anything as long as they’re good players. So let’s break that open and answer some tough questions: Can the game change and become truly welcoming to women? Do we condone the toxic culture of masculinity by supporting our club? And why do we still love the game?

Joining me on the CLF stage for the very first time are three extraordinary women, involved in the game in very different capacities, but all sharing a belief in its beauty and power, the right of women to feel safe around and within it, and a commitment to being part of a new culture where footy is for everyone.

ANGELA PIPPOS is a longtime sports journalist for ABC TV, Sport 927 and Before the Game, author of The Goddess Advantage – One Year in the Life of a Football Worshipper, film producer for upcoming The Day of The Broken, outspoken feminist and fanatical Adelaide Crows supporter.

CHYLOE KURDAS is AFL Victoria’s Female Football Development Manager who also used to play in the VWFL Premier Division team for the University of Melbourne. In 2013 she is a finalist to win the Essendon Women’s Network’s AFL Football Woman of the Year. She firmly believes in gender equality and barracks for the Richmond Tigers.

RUBY KOOMEN is a musician (Modesty, LOOBS, Bunny Monroe), broadcaster (PBS Garageland), rose farmer, and florist, who plays for The Megahertz and The Unicorns of The Old Bar. She’s excited to share her love of the game as a player and supports the Essendon Bombers.

Because Tuesday night is also footy training for a lot of potential guests (including the panelists!) we’ve shifted the show to a slightly later timeslot, for next month only, so please note that it’s 8pm-10pm this time. The kitchen will be serving meals all night and I’ll also give away a door prize to one lucky winner!

Feminism and Footy
Tuesday 4 March 8-10pm
The Duke Level One (Upstairs Dining Room)
Tickets $20 on the door $15 presale

Karen x