queerclfLet’s forget about this ridiculous and frankly awful election and sink our teeth into something interesting, important and powerful: the relationship between feminism and queer.

Are they similar because they’re both movements to break down constructions of gender and empower those marginalised by outdated structures enforced by the patriarchy?

Or are they, in fact, incompatible if feminism seeks to represent women specifically, despite the obvious overlap of queer women, queer feminists, queer misogynists, and women (and men) who identify as neither are holding all the cards anyway?

It’s a relationship and Venn diagram that has had its antagonisms, affinities and shared struggles so let’s look at what they might mean to each other, how feminism works within queer spaces (both physical and intellectual) and how the queer movement and women’s liberation were born and grew together.

Featuring some amazing thinkers to guide us through these fascinating discussions:

Hiba Casablanca – student politician, advocate, queer Woman of Colour, feminist

Karina Quinn – academic, poet, writer, feminist

Dion Kagan – lecturer, researcher, theorist, feminist

I couldn’t ask for a better crew to welcome to the CLF stage on:

Tuesday 3 September
The Gasometer Hotel
Cnr Alexandra Pde & Smith St
Collingwood 7-9pm
Kitchen hours 6-10pm
$10 waged /$5 unwaged or good story

I hope to see you in the toasty and welcoming surrounds of the Gaso as we embark on another brilliant feminist discussion with our esteemed guests.