ThePanel-JUN13With the help of a brilliant panel, we’re going to look at games and other kinds of software, the coders who create them, the industry that makes it all possible, the gatekeepers, and the women and men who are trying to make it better. Join us as we tap the keys, make connections, consider our networks and delve into the dark places of The Internet, in Feminism and Digital Culture for Cherchez la Femme.

Many of us participate in and help create digital culture every day (and long into the night) so I wanted to create a discussion around how it’s gendered; impacting on women and girls in hugely different ways, and the work being done to change this.

I’m absolutely thrilled to welcome to the CLF stage:

Leena van Deventer – gamer, creator, commentator & feminist

Liah Clark – technologist, professional geek, IT consultant & feminist

Tom Apperley – game theorist, doctor, researcher & feminist

Of course, the magic ingredient is you! Audience Q&A is the most exciting time of the night, where you tell us what you think, what you want to know, and what questions you wish were asked more often. The Gasometer Hotel will be its usual charming, rambunctious self and I’ll do my best to keep the discussion “on track” (ie. not spend the whole night talking about lolcats, however tempting that may be. Feminism and Lolcats in our future? Possible to likely.) < NON-CORE PROMISE.

So rug up and join the IRL party / seriose-fase discussion. I’ll likely be wearing my ugboots and my Sarah Lund jumper so home attire is very welcome! After all, it’s what you’re usually wearing when you’re at the interface of feminism and digital culture, right?