The Panel - April 2013There are few things more edifying in this life than music. If you’re a maker of music, a writer, lover, producer, promoter or just a fan of music, you’ll be interested in this discussion of where women fit into the musical landscape and how gender shapes its development and character.

Do women get paid less than men, even by band bookers? Is it harder for women to rock ‘n’ roll? Why are there so few female conductors of orchestras? Does your music collection (like mine) include more misters than sisters? Is there music you love but won’t listen to because it’s too sexist? Where is Missy Elliot?

These questions and more will get a good go-round as I’m joined on the CLF stage by a bevy of babes with big brains.

  • Georgia Fields – singer, lyricist, instrumentalist, feminist
  • Kate Welsman (Systa BB) – DJ, MC, broadcaster, feminist
  • Rebecca Perkins – guitarist, educator, performer, feminist

I am, as ever, excited and happy about this panel and the brilliant women who’ve agreed to share their ideas.