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Next month we’ll hold hands and walk two-by-two in a (not-so) straight line through topic of teaching. Teachers can be inspirational, with the education and care they provide staying with you for the rest of your life. They can also leave lasting damage when they get it wrong and fail to guarantee an environment of support and empathy. I’m interested in how feminism informs pedagogic practice, and how crucial it is that gender roles are questioned and subverted during a child’s education. I also hope we can talk about institutional problems like bullying, gender disparity and segregation, and the socialising of kids to broader understandings of lives outside their own. I’m also curious to know what it’s like being a feminist teacher when your colleagues don’t share your politics. My guests this month are also invested in these ideas and I’m thrilled to welcome them all to the CLF stage for the first time!

Madeleine Crofts is a feminist, writer and editor whose work can be seen and heard in Voiceworks magazine and on a regular podcast, JOMAD, which you can discover here: (co-hosted with Johannes Jakob). She’s @maddie_crofts and is almost a fully qualified primary school teacher, a job she’s passionate about embarking on.

Stephanie Rogers, also a feminist, has taught English and Drama at a public high school in Melbourne for eight years, including a focus on student leadership and year level co-ordination. She’s at and is currently completing a Masters in Special Education, Inclusion and Early Intervention.

Philip Thiel is a feminist, blogger, and now-once-again student, who has worked extensively in education through institutions like Melbourne Museum, the Uniting Church of Australia and the University of Melbourne. He’s back there now, undertaking a Masters in Teaching at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. He’s @philipthiel and his new blog will chronicle his journey into teacherhood.

I am very excited to talk about teaching with all of them and all of you, so do come along if you can.

Tuesday 5 March 7-9pm
The Gasometer Hotel
cnr Smith St & Alexandra Pde
$10 full/$5 unwaged
Kitchen hours: 6-10pm

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