1233038_628253167227150_1755228603_oWith my apologies for the SlutWalk-related-tardiness I’m inviting you to join me next Tuesday for the September Cherchez la Femme: Feminism and Sex.

In honour of SlutWalk’s stand against slut-shaming* and our attempt to create a space for public discussion of healthy consent, shame-free desire, and bodily autonomy, let’s take the good ship CLF on a tour of the sexual life of us.

I’ll be welcoming these amazing guests to the CLF stage for the first time…

  • Ultrahedonist: secret sex blogger, monogamy-rejector, pleasure advocate, feminist
  • Felix Scholz: sex educator, youth worker, watch-fancier, feminist
  • Lisa-Skye: comic, drag artist, genderqueer provocateur, feminist

…and I can hardly wait to hear what they have in store for us. As usual, the vital ingredient is you – your questions, ideas and throwaway remarks will be our signposts as we roam around the pleasuredome together. YES.

The Gasometer is one hell of a sexy joint and they’ll sell you beautiful beverages and stunning food that is particularly beloved of our veg/an friends.

I hope you can muster up the energy for another feminist go-round after you march the streets of Melbourne this Saturday. Personally, I find feminists better than other people to hang out with, so I’m pumped for both.